Is there a version of Dental3DPlugin for Windows?

There is no version of Dental3DPlugin for Windows. In the same way, there is no Windows version of OsirIX or Horos.

Is Dental3DPlugin free?

Incredible as it may seem, yes, this fantastic plugin is free 🙂 . Well… more precisely, it’ is a “Donationware”: your donations help maintain the plugin, notably by funding the hosting of this website, or the annual developer’s license paid to Apple…

How do I add new implants to the plugin database?

The only way to add new implants to the database is to make a request, for example via the contact form on this site.

With Horos, why 3D points are not displayed at click position?

Go to Dental3DPlugin > Preferences > Advanced and check or uncheck “Correct 3D point offset” depending on the type of offset.

How do I use STL files in the plugin without CBCT?

To use STL files in the plugin without an associated CBCT, you need to open any CBCT with Dental3DPlugin (yes, you need at least one CBCT…), then in the plugin menu go to “Add a patient to the database”. This creates a blank CBCT with the patient’s name in the OsiriX/Horos database, which you can then open with Dental3DPlugin to add one or more dental arch STLs.